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Throughout my course I have developed numerous skills, not just skills you’d think your typical designer has. Whilst on work placement I have written detailed company reports on all aspects of the company from marketing, company management, sustainability, manufacturing and health and safety, plus much more. It has given me an in-depth perspective on how companies operate. In each report I have achieved an A grade for my in-depth analysis. I have strong literacy and computer literacy skills, and can organize, prioritize and plan effectively. My selfmanagement skills are high due to work loads and live projects I have worked on in industry. Complex management, decision making, and evaluation has been of high importance when I have been in contact with manufacturers internationally and making final decisions and evaluating situations and costs have been challenging yet a huge area where I have developed. Investigative research is the initial part of all projects, I have experience in interviewing for primary research and conducting secondary research online. My presentation skills are strong, I can communicate in front of a board of company members and large audiences. This has been a regular activity as I have had numerous meetings and presentations over the past three years of my studies. Design is not just drawing a pretty picture, it includes selling, lateral thinking, creativity, critical analysis and problem solving. Evident in my degree grade at a first and the live projects I have conducted which will be going to market in the upcoming year, I have a strong skill set in this area. In order to succeed in market a commercial and global awareness is something I have, or products being designed and manufactured would be obsolete. Commercially a designer needs to know the desired manufacturing methods, costs, market needs and prioritize the business in order to design a product which can actually make market.

I have in depth knowledge on manufacturing methods and how to operate certain machinery, as I have had access to a workshop at university. I am extremely safety-conscious being aware of the immediate environment and adhering to health and safety regulations. Communication wise being able to attentively listen and give oral and written presentations is a wellpracticed and strong attribute of mine. I have political, ethical and cultural sensitivity which I believe is extremely important to have when conducting business, not being sensitive to these factors can cause conflict between business transactions and in the workplace. I have worked on projects as a team and can confidently communicate with other professionals in order to gain the information needed to execute a project or duty. In my first work placement and in jobs I have had I have built up strong customer relation skills, I am able to liaise, sensitively and diplomatically, with new and existing customers. I can lead and manage, develop action plans and objectives, offer guidance and direction to others, and cope with the related pressures such authority can result in leadership. I have strong negotiation skills and can influence decisions being made and help resolve conflict. Being able to network is an attribute I have developed and can confidently build relationships in multiple scenarios, sharing skills and ideas. Personally, I am a self-confident person, with selfawareness and self-progression. My ambitions are high, and I always expect the best from myself and nothing less. I am independent, with a positive attitude and can work under high amounts of stress, adapting and taking initiative. I am always willing to learn and develop my skills in life. I never half-heartedly do a job. A lot of my work has been engineering based.